Are you growing, scaling or evolving your brand?

If your brand isn’t communicating effectively who you are and what you do, you’re not going to make sales.

My brand refresh package is designed for clients who are growing, scaling or evolving their brand.

Brand Discovery Workshop

Brand Voice

Brand Story

Customer Journey Mapping

Brand Beliefs

Market Assessment

Brand Essence

First, we work with you to uncover your unique brand story, vision and blueprint.

This essence becomes the foundational piece to guide your new logo design, brand positioning, messaging and marketing efforts.

What you learn in this stage of the process will become an invaluable guide to help you with all future marketing and business decisions.

Content Refresh

Words matter.

If you want to attract your ideal customer, you need messaging that speaks to them.

Now we know your brand essence, we're ready to set about crafting engaging copy that connects to your audience on a deep level.

We work with you to rewrite your website content (up to 5 pages), help you unpack your social media content pillars (so your social media content actually works to create sales - not just connection) and develop key messages for your choice of 1 flagship product or service.

Website Copy Refresh

Social Media Content Pillars

Flagship Messaging

Logo Design

Colour Palette

Social Media Templates

Brand Design

And here comes the fun part!

Visualising your brand essence into something you feel connected to and can be proud of is an incredibly powerful moment for any business owner.

At this final stage we'll present you with logo concepts, a colour palette, brand iconography (if relevant) and social media templates so you can set about promoting your brand powerfully with the world.

Let's rebirth your brand!

Only 2 spots available per month.

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