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A lot of artists say that when they go to create and write it can feel like the information is coming from somewhere else.

As a Melbourne based book doula, writer and editor, I know that when a lot of people go to write, it can feel like the information is coming from somewhere else.

Even for me, when I go to the page or sit at the computer and I’m writing or editing a piece of work – whether for my client or myself – it can feel like the information is channelled from somewhere else.

In today’s podcast episode, I want to talk about creativity and spirituality. Are they linked? What role does spirituality play if any when it comes to storytelling and being creative? Hold tight because we’re going to find out!

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of The Right Remark podcast!

I’m so excited to bring this episode to you today. I’m about to introduce you very shortly to someone who is extremely special to me and someone who I’ve known now for about 15 years or so.

Gail Warwick is a Spiritual Healer, inspirational speaker, a retreat facilitator a medical intuitive and she’s also an author who’s just released her very first book, which is titled ‘A Healing Journey: Rediscover the Magic Within.’ 

You can buy Gail’s book here.

Rediscover the Magic Within a book by Gail Warwick

I speak about Gail a LOT – I’ve referred so many people to Gail and when I talk about what Gail does – the only way I could really describe Gail’s gift as a psychic medium and a spiritual healer, is that it’s almost like she can connect in with your soul and speak back to you exactly the most inner deepest thoughts and feelings that you might be having.  It wouldn’t matter whether you told anyone about them or not she can connect in with that and she speaks it back to you.

It is the most bizarre experience but incredibly special, and something that I certainly have benefited from many times over the last number of years.

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Vanessa Barrington (Melbourne based Book Doula)


[Vanessa] Gail, welcome to the show! Thank you so much for agreeing to come on and talk to me as one of my very first guests.

[Gail] Thank you for Vanessa for having me I’m so excited for this, for you today as well as it is for myself. So, thank you very much.

[Vanessa] My pleasure Gail. Gail you’ve got such an incredible gift. I’ve been coming to see you now for healings for about 15 years or so! I’d love to share with those tuning in today a little bit about your gift. Could you share a bit about the work that you do?

[Gail] Vanessa I am a spiritual healer, which also means I have a mediumship ability, which also includes psychic mediumship. People come to me from all walks of life and it’s not just when they’ve got problems, it can also be when people just would like to treat themselves to remind themselves to stay on track with their journey and my guides bring forward information about their life – their past present and future, professional personal and  private. We look at what we need to do to shift that creation or vibrationally create a new element for them to be able to move forward and enjoy what their journey needs to be about.

[Vanessa] And you’re spot on Gail – I’ve always found when I come to you that you’re spot on!  One of the things I was really keen to explore with you today was around that topic of spirituality and creativity.

Sometimes when I go to write myself or am working on editing for a client, it can feel like the information is coming from somewhere else. It just comes in automatically and I wanted to ask you a little bit about that given your line of work – is that something you’ve seen people experience who work in the creative space?

[Gail] Yes, I guess most people in the highest percentage do that are very creative people. It allows you to channel. What the guides call it is you’re channelling it forward, the guides give information to the highest form as a human.  That’s why sometimes when people channel, they don’t remember what they’ve spoke about.

It’s called being in the zone. It gives people knowledge in the higher self and gives you that information consciously. It’s very individual to each person and it’s very clearly aligned and it goes through the core of their being into the cellular self.

I use it every day in my workplace environment,  my psychic mediumship ability works that way as well, and people often think psychic mediumship is speaking to passed over loved ones.  But it’s also speaking to someone’s soul or higher self. Or other people’s guides they may have in and around them.

So I always like to say it’s about speaking with the live and the living, whether that be in spirit or in human functionality.  So the word is ‘Channel’ and absolutely you do it Vanessa as well with your work. You capture the very essence of the meaning of life tree through that particular channel and it flows with a really high frequency and that’s why we often don’t remember and

When people often pause they feel that they’ve lost the thread.

Only to regain that thread of knowledge and information, but we never really lose that it’s almost like a little interval.

So we like to say that it continually flows and you and I when you’re in that zone compared to when you’re outside of that zone, you can clearly notice the difference.

[Vanessa]. So is that like sometimes when you talk about being outside of that zone, sometimes you might hear the term writer’s block – I’ve certainly felt this – and you lose the idea or thread.  Is that what you’re talking about when you lose that thread?

[Gail] The thread is like an elevation point.  sometimes as a  human we think we sit between where we expect to sit to where we channel the knowledge and information from to what we expect we come into that human functionality consciously but we all need to realize we need to come into that connection and when we do, that’s what we call the Mastery of the Self.

When you master that it functions in every aspect of your world and your life, professionally personally and privately.  There is no then minor intervals. It just works with you in every aspect of your world and would life.

It’s really clear and clear like a line and comes forward and through.  It leaves nothing to question it’s like an adamancy.

It’s very refreshing and it’s always done in a very sensitive and respective and sincere manner.  But like you just said, for those creative people it’s like if they were painting on an easel often artists once they paint the picture they stand back and look and go “Wow, I

can’t believe what I’ve done it’s just incredible.”

It’s just a really nice place. It’s a placement within a person’s self-righteousness or self-right to be able to allow what uniquely needs to come forward for them for that individual like they’re setting into that innovative energy and it’s a different circuit that we all are capable of doing it’s just sometimes we choose to come out of it, instead of staying in it.

[Vanessa] Do you think that from what you experience Gail, from people that come to visit – does that come up due to fear – what causes the pause?

[Gail] It would be fear – when people catch themselves listening to what they hear it’s like they almost get a bit in awe of it, and then they stop the flow to decipher it and to process it  they go into that interval, and then once they process it they step back into that place again. And we just have to learn not to do that. We still know how in that moment to understand what’s being said and foretold or what statements are coming forward and through, and think “I’m just letting it run freely.”

That’s very much confidence based Vanessa, anything in life is.  It’s like riding a bike. Once we develop that instinct or confidence, we never lose sight, no manner how long it is between the times we ride it.

Once that connection is made we never choose to maybe drop a silent line into that thread, we just allow it to become an instant part of ourselves in every aspect of our world and our lives.

[Vanessa] That’s just amazing how it comes together, when you step into that…. Now you’ve just been on your own journey tell us about that?

[Gail] Yes I’ve written a book called A Healing Journey: Rediscover the Magic Within and you’ve helped me immensely with that book Vanessa – but there’s many clients in my retreats and courses and everyday clients who’ve asked about the background to my story and my abilities.  A few years ago I started to write down information about my childhood, and when I heard guides speak with me – I clear fully physically understood them – I’ve been on the path writing this book for many years – it went in the draw for many years. I bought it back out of the drawer early last year with my eldest sister coming to stay with me and I told her I had started but didn’t think I would ever get to publish it.  How do I go about doing that and I heard my guides clearly say – ring Vanessa.
So I followed through and you said you’d been editing some books and I asked you to have a look and give me your professional understanding of where you thought we could go with that.

[Vanessa] Well you know I have been keeping the whole ‘book thing’ a bit of a secret!

[Gail] Yes well you can’t keep that a secret now Vanessa it’s something you’ve very good at and do so sensationally well – you’re certainly a very talented and creative lady and I wouldn’t have known where I would have been if they hadn’t said to me to give you a call because step by step you’ve just walked me through the whole process for self-publishing and writing a book in a very nice way.  I’m not saying there wasn’t moments I hadn’t wobbled and felt like it was complicated but you were always there to reassure me and say ‘Just let us do this together, just take a sensible approach.’

[Vanessa] Well it’s an incredible thing that you’ve done writing a book – a lot of people say they want to write a book or have it on their bucket list- you should feel very proud you’ve done it! It’s a bit like peeling an onion back.

[Gail] Very much so! I can certainly understand why people balk at it and don’t know what the steps are to take, and I think you get in your head thinking you are the one who has to write, edit it and do all these bits and pieces but if you just come away from all that there’s other people there who can help you and support you. And you get guided through the process – just do the part that you know you can do and let everyone else figure the rest of it out! and that’s where you came in Vanessa – you were just amazing with it

[Vanessa] Well you still wrote and channelled the bulk of it!  It’s an incredible story you’ve written – what’s the book about

[Gail] The book covers certainly Part 1 about my childhood and goes into different parts about myself once I recognised the gift I had with my guides, or the one that knows, which is the spirit guide. It started with a boy aged 12 years and how I helped him go through some trying times, and then the following week more clients, and it just grew and grew until today, where I work with people on a global scale.  I also run retreats and courses with my daughter Aimee who is a psychic also.

The book gives answers to questions I’ve asked the guides, they also downloaded tools and practical skillsets that are written within the book, it’s kind of like all the bits – it’s a bit of memoir, and subjects within our worlds and our lives.

[Vanessa] Yes absolutely to me it feels like part self-help and part memoir – it’s just got all the elements so those who read it can rediscover that magic within themselves and then also that beautiful insight about your journey. You have a pretty unique job (I know you probably don’t call it that!) It’s an interesting field of work.

[Gail] I think the very thing is that is’ very refreshing and unique – when a person has a private session with me it can cover many aspects of that person’s live and livelihood.

If a person has passed over it naturally goes to that person, if there’s someone who has information through the spirit connection for that person I can also pass that on to benefit their confidence or ground them or self-worth in whatever skills and abilities. It’s such a reward system we all work with and I feel incredibly blessed every day that I have the ability and tools that I have. I see each person that sits before me – I feel very blessed to meet them all.

I know there’s a lot of stigma attached to the field. I think people get way too caught up in the Hollywood of it all – of psychics and psychic mediums – it’s actually very different. Most people quite often say how can you possibly know that, who have you rung? How did you gain this information? I never take anybody’s information when I take a booking. Just their first name and phone number. I never take a surname I would never be able to remember doing research on a person or what somebody has said to me about a person.

Some people sit there and say nothing to me, some want to speak – but all of them say to me – it’s the first time I’ve felt heard in my life – without me having to say a word. I feel comfortable that you know me.  And the design of where I’m at. It’s just incredible.

Out there in life so many people don’t feel that they are heard – other times we may have desires about what we want to come to fruition but we’re not game to share that with people we love – for fear of being scoffed at – when I can give them that information in that free line they just think oh my goodness, this is real.

[Vanessa] It leaves nothing to doubt, you’ve benefited me so much in my life which I’m so grateful for  – it’s almost like sitting in front of someone and they are talking to your soul, and saying things back to you that you could never know.

[Gail] That’s exactly right. And at the end I’ll often ask have you got anything on your list or questions you wanted to ask that I haven’t answered? And they’ll most often say no you’ve read my list quite well!  without me even taking it out of my bag or wallet, or was thinking on the drive or something I said a week ago. I think it’s just amazing how it functions – I still learn from it every day and I’m still in awe of it!

[Vanessa] Well definitely felt like I got to know your guides through the editing process! I was saying to a friend the other day what I found so beautiful through the process of helping you with this book, a Healing Journey; Rediscover the Magic within, it’s like it has it’s own healing essence in it, and every time I went to go to work with it on it, it was like I got a healing. It was just incredible.

[Gail] That’s the benefit of bringing the book to life Vanessa it does have or has been infused with a beautiful essence from those that know in spirit, for anyone who picks that book up – it is a unique gain that they will gain from reading that book – and that infused essence and energy – that will never die down or run out – that’s the incredible thing about it.

[Vanessa] It’s been such an incredible journey and I’m kind of sad it’s over – it’s been an incredible few months getting ready to get the book birthed and out into the world –

[Gail] it’s been a very exciting process each and every step of the way and I’m going to miss working in that way with you, but I’m sure that there will be another book – I’m so externally grateful.

[Vanessa] it’s been my absolute pleasure! I’m sure there might be people that are reading who have dreamt of writing a book – or might have wanted to try their hand at painting or dancing – whatever it might be – what would you say to them if they are holding themselves in some way?

[Gail] Use a positive affirmation, take a leap of faith and  at least begin it.  Give it a go see how you feel, enjoy the very essence of what you’ve accomplished – we complicate things so much – we complicate things so much – there’s an old saying, there’s no guts there’s no glory.  At times we have these little inspirations that make us do things a little out of our comfortability and I think it’s very good for our soul.  So I’d say to them – take that first step!

[Vanessa] Which you’ve now done!

[Gail] And I’m so glad it’s not just in a sock drawer that it’s out in the world!

[Vanessa] Did you have any fears about releasing the book?

[Gail] To be honest I would have, as I reflect back, I was not sure the content of the book would be well received, that it was ‘good enough’. I think we all have a tendency to do that as humans or was I being silly in writing it, but I always heard the guides say that I had to write a book and had to take the approach to keep it basic but balanced.

It did take a lot of strength I would say, to make sure that I continued to implement that, there were moments I would have just stepped out of it, but it came to life when it needed to and the people that I needed happened naturally, that’s the one thing with hearing the guides so clearly -m they just prompt me and hear me and don’t allow me to get lazy in those aspects. I think we all just need to be true to ourselves and to find that extra little confidence that we all need to have to apply ourselves to different understandings within our world and our life.

[Vanessa] It can be a bit of a discipline those sorts of thing is think too – it is a discipline to create – the more you do it, the better you get at it, the more it comes part of your life – if you go to the page every day, it just flows more naturally.

[Gail] Absolutely and I do think you have to pull on your strength of discipline and sense of will sometimes.  It’s like you can think, “I can either sit here and procrastinate or step into it and give it a go. And feel the job of knowing I’ve moved something from an idea to a factual essence and feel proud I’ve had a go.”

I’m glad I did that. There were moments moving forward when I absolutely questioned what I was doing. But I don’t know.  And other times I’d step in and feel so enthusiastic.

Some topics I felt less comfortable about my guides were always there to assure me and remind me that it would all come to light when the time was right for me to understand it and they were right – because it did come to life, thanks to you. And many other people also – my family, the lovely Giselle who I work with, both my daughters, the thank you’s just go on and on.

But the reality is it was you where it really all came to life – and my older sister Kath -but it was you who helped me turn the corner to bring it forward into the reality.

[Vanessa] That is so sweet of you to say Gail. I am SO pleased it is out there and looking forward to continuing to work with you – I’d also say to people if you don’t yet have your hands on this book head to gailwarwick.com – it’s Gail’s first book and it’s an incredible read.

If you especially at the moment with Covid-19 having a bit more time on your hands – reach out and purchase that book – it’s available for $19.95 – it’s going to sell out very soon!

Gail thank you for joining me on The Right Remark Podcast.

[Gail] Thank you Vanessa for having me and thank you everyone for listening. And please follow Vanessa on her Podcast even now and to come – she’s a sensational lady and she will help you and direct you to where you need to be!


Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Next week I’m going to be talking to an incredible woman to talk about storytelling and bravery.  She overcame some exceptionally hard situations – she’s overcome shame, and fear and chronic pain all kinds of things and she’s going to share her story with us all.


Stay tuned for that!

See you next week

Vanessa XXX