"We're people first.People first with a disability, has a disability, whatever that language is, but people first. If you say hello to someone, you interact with them and you're curious, ask that. But don't ask like they're not their disability. They're a person. Make people first focus conversations."
a photo of Simone Eyles smiling. Wearing a green t-shirt with a blurry farm background
Simone Eyles
Founder of disinfluencer.co

Are you unintentionally discluding an entire audience from your marketing and accidentally being an a$$hole? 

In today’s episode I’m talking to entrepreneur, sourdough baker and all sound legend Super Simone 365, founder of Disinfluencer.co a platform that’s taking disability mainstream. Simonie is a loving mum and on a mission to empower people with disabilities, neurodiversity, chronic illness and their carers to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 

In this episode we cover the topics of disability, dis-influencers, how to be more inclusive in your marketing and Simone’s own journey – from a successful multi-million dollar start up through to her latest venture, Disinfluencer.co where she is partnering with brands to showcase influencers and models with disability, neurodiversity and chronic illness. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • ⚡️ How to be more inclusive in your marketing, social media and website
  • ⚡️ Simone’s mission to take disability mainstream
  • ⚡️ How to not accidentally be an a$$hole to people with disabilities, neurodiversity and their careers

This episode will inspire you and get you thinking about how you can be more inclusive in your marketing, social media and website.

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Guest Spotlight

Simone Eyles

Simone Eyles is an entrepreneur who uses new technology to solve old problems.

Simone began her first business start-up in 2011. Since then, she has successfully started and sold two companies.

Simone has also completed her Diploma in Financial Counselling and has worked on the Far South Coast and Far North Coast of NSW working in disaster recovery.

With a degree in Graphic Design and 15 years of experience working around Australia, from National to State Government, the new industry and Boutique Advertising Agencies, Simone has a unique set of skills from designing to marketing and PR.

Simone has won several business awards and featured on 60 minutes and in the Australian Institute of Company Directors Magazine. 

Simone is passionate about small businesses and the critical role they play in our local economies. During COVID, Simone became one of those “sourdough bakers” and is still baking goodies every weekend.

a photo of Simone Eyles smiling. Wearing a green t-shirt with a blurry farm background