"Everything in my life is about the warrior, and it was all about alignment and it was all about synchronicity."
A smiling brunette lady wearing a black sleeveless top with a turquoise colored background
Megan Nolan
creator of the Purposeful Powerhouse Practice

A morning routine can indeed have a profound impact on your world and life

In this week’s podcast, I chat to Megan Nolan, the creator of the Purposeful Powerhouse Practice, a personal trainer and yoga instructor for over 17 years. Megan helps purpose driven entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm by creating a meaningful morning routine that leaves them feeling amazing and sets up massive momentum each day.

In this episode we talk about what a morning routine can look like, and how the art of starting your day with purpose and energy can set you up for success to maintain peak performance throughout the day. 

This episode is jam packed with practical insights and actionable tips that will help inspire you in your own business. 

We cover: 

  • ☀️ How to find purpose in business that aligns your goals with a greater sense of meaning and impact
  • ☀️ How our energy directly impacts our performance and decision-making in the business world
  • ☀️ The role of self care in creating a sustainable successful business and how neurodiversity and specifically ADHD can affect entrepreneurs
  • ☀️ How to over achieve your goals while maintaining your overall wellbeing


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Guest Spotlight

Megan Nolan


Megan Nolan is a personal trainer and yoga instructor for over 17 years and believes that Yoga provides a foundational toolset for lifelong health and wellness. She specializes in teaching people how to do yoga at their desk! She also gives us the dirt on active sedentary, sitting disease and the benefits of proper posture and breath. 

She found in her 19 years of practicing Yoga that her experience has evolved from one of focusing just on the physical aspects of the practice to a deeper understanding of who she is and who she wants to be. Which is why she is SO passionate about helping others to put these life changing tools to use in your life!! By doing so not only will you feel incredible but you’ll be able to get everything done and still have time and energy to enjoy your life. 

She has worked with a variety of people of all different backgrounds and abilities. Through this was learned that the best way to teach Yoga was with a lighthearted approach that is fun and non-intimidating. She uses this approach throughout every session to help other people learn how to practice Yoga safely, confidently and regularly, AND have fun while doing it! 

A smiling brunette lady wearing a black sleeveless top with a turquoise colored background