"There’s 3 things every aspiring author needs to successfully write their book: self belief, strategy and support. The Book Doula Program is perfectly designed to give them these things."
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Vanessa Barrington
Director & Founder | The Right Remark

Are you an aspiring author? ✍🏼 📚

Are you someone who’s always wanted to write a book to heal and help others? 🤝

Are you someone who’s committed to leaving a legacy that lasts long after you’re gone? ✨

Are you ready to make big impact by sharing your story? 🙌🏼

If the answer is yes – keep listening! 👂🏻🎙

In this week’s episode I”m going to share the fastest and most effective way to write and sell your book, and I’m also going to share 3 things that every author needs to do it. 

We cover: 

  • ✍🏼The fastest and most effective way to write and sell your book
  • ✍🏼 The 3 things every aspiring authors needs to do it
  • ✍🏼 The one thing every successful writer has in common

Let’s do it!


I’m running a free training in a couple of weeks all about this exact topic and how to birth your book. 

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Visit www.thebookdoula.com.au to find out more



This program will help you write and sell your book so you can heal, leave a legacy and make an impact in the world.

This program is designed to meet you exactly where you at. Using my unique 3S framework and Intuitive Book Birthing Method, you’ll be handed the processes, framework, the tools and given the private and group coaching you need to finally finish your book and start selling it to the world. 

This is NOT your average ‘writers course’.

The Book Doula Program is a complete solution to help you write and sell your book so that it heals, leaves a legacy and makes an impact. 

Over 90 days together you will work 1:1 with me, The Book Doula as well as aspiring authors on the same journey as you. 


You will learn: 

  • 🤓 How to land the main message for your book
  • 🤓 How to develop your chapter structure, outline, determine the flow and objectives of your book
  • 🤓 How to write your book
  • 🤓 How to edit your book, the types of editing, when to use them and how to pick the perfect book editor 
  • 🤓 How to put your book together – including designing a winning cover, choosing a title, what size your book should be and how long to write it depending on the genre
  • 🤓 How to go from words on a page to a fully finished book
  • 🤓 How to get your book out in bookstores
  • 🤓 How to find a book agent and get published
  • 🤓 How to self publish
  • 🤓 What publishers are looking for, how to handle offers, how to pitch your book
  • 🤓 PLUS you get hands on feedback and a developmental edit on your manuscript over the 90 days. 
  • 🤓 You’ll learn how to build your author brand and understand how you’re different from others in your genre
  • 🤓 How to promote your book
  • 🤓 How to find your readers and turn them into raving funs
  • 🤓 And the best part?  What you learn in this program you can use OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


You’ll learn how to let go of the self-limiting beliefs that have held you back until this point so you can continue to create joyfully and freely not just with this book but any future book. 

You’ll be able to heal and see your book becoming a healing tool for others. 

You’ll  learn how to leave a legacy for the world that will last beyond your lifetime

If you would like to learn about The Book Doula Program head to www.thebookdoula.com.au and register for details.