Episode 1 - An Introduction by Vanessa Barrington

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welcome to episode 1 of the right remarked podcast. I’m your host for VanessaBarrington. I am so excited to be launching this little baby with you guys today.

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So in this episode today I really wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit about my story and also explain a little bit about why I decided to start this podcast. So, for those you don’t know me, my name is Vanessa Barrington.

I run a little business called TheRight Remark which is all about helping brands and businesses communicate with purpose and to share their story with the world. I started my business 3 years ago. It’s been an incredible journey I’ve worked with amazing people and in just a short little period of time have felt so privileged to also hear and be exposed to so many people’s different stories and I guess that’s a little bit of the reason why I wanted to start this podcast…. but keep reading to find out more.

Why I started a Podcast.

If I go way back (like, a long way back…) since I was a kid I have loved to talk.

I used to be the one that was sitting in the classroom getting in trouble for talking in class. That’s progressed onto me making a career out of talking and communicating for a living. (Seriously!)

I started my studies in journalism, and then started my career. One of my first job was working in radio.

Initially as a newsreader, and then they gave me a show on a Saturday morning, which was fantastic and a lot of fun. I did that for a couple of years.

So when I was thinking about how can I connect in with this incredible audience and group of people that support The Right Remark and work with me and also collaborate with me? I really wanted to embrace a medium that resonated for me and podcasting really felt right.

I suppose given the fact that I started my early years of my career in radio.
And also when I thought about what do I want to do a podcast about a really wanted it to be about storytelling?

And I guess the reason to that is at the crux of it storytelling is ‘my jam’ from the early days of being a little girland writing stories, stories is something I have always been obsessed with. I am a massive Bookworm – anyone who knows me knows that I always have at least 8 to 10 books next to my side table in my house.

I actually have this really funny fear about running out of things to read. Not many people know that about me! So that was kind of some of the reasons why I decided to do this podcast.

I also figured it was time to share my secret...

In the past few years in particular I have been helping people tell their story through the medium of books and to self publish and that’s been really interesting for me because it was something I guess I resisted for for really at least 18 months.

These client’s were coming to me and asking me to write books and help them write books and I was kinda like “I know how to help you edit a book, but write it? I’ve never written a book before – why would I be doing that!?”

You know, it’s funny now if I’ve done around 5 books and helped different individuals self publish their book.

I have subsequently been nicknamed a Book Doula – like as someone that helps people birth books, which is quite gorgeous!

I really wanted to share a little bit more Insight for those that may not know that that’s something I do and and use this platform as an opportunity also to promote some of the incredible people I have worked with.

One of the things I’ve also found in my line of work is a lot of us really struggle to put ourselves out there – myself included!

This is a really interesting paradigm that I think we walk between creativity and fear.

You know lives in and a lot of artists and people that I speak to that do create and wrote or paint or whatever it might behave these barriers. We put these barriers in front of ourselves that make us doubt ourselves and I really wanted this podcast to be a platform for people to be able to have those honest conversations.

I’m keen to explore what are some of the ways we can break down those barriers, and you know particularly in this stage, I think.

Right now, we’ve got this incredible opportunity with coronavirus…

I believe the universe is asking us to slow down and to go within and to really reflect on what matters to us.

And and you know for me personally, this is actually a time where I’m being called to create.

I haven’t written personally myself in 20 years

When I was at university, I did a bachelor of journalism, and I made it in creative writing.

AndI had this tutor and I’d written all this Poetry and I had to submit as part of an assignment and and she provided me some feedback and it was just horrendous the feedback was absolutely scathing.

And I remember reading it and just being so gutted. I was completely heartbroken that this person had you know judged my work, and basically told me that I was sh*t and give up now.

From that moment. I really didn’t feel confident to write my own story or put myself out there in this way.

so when people started coming to me a few years ago and saying hey, can you help me write a book and can you help me edit a book and all those things like? I just felt so comfortable with the editing process and being a professional writer and a trained writer, I guess being able to help people through the editing process – well I felt very comfortable with that, but when I had people starting to come to me and go “Hey, I’ve got this story in my heart and in my head – can you help me actually get it out there?”

It brought up a lot of self-doubt to me.

Every time I continue to do that now and help people through that self publishing process it helps them but I feel like it also helps me in a lot of ways.

It’s like I’m going back and telling that 19 year old that I was not to get down about the feedback I got about my writing and believe that hey, you know if these clients that I’m working with are so incredible and writing a story and putting themselves out there can do that, maybe I can to one day!

So now this podcast I guess is for all the other artists and creatives out there

I hope that this podcast will help break down some of these barriers, and also ultimately empower people to feel comfortable to share their own story.

Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of human connection that we have and it’s something we been doing for millions of years and I hope that each week sharing remarkable stories of remarkable people that I can help in you in some way to explore your own creative journey.

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Ok guys. Well. Thank you for listening and next weekend episode coming to be talking to the incredible Gail Warwick. Gail is a client of mine. She is a psychic medium and a spiritual healer.

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