Ep 13 – Remarkable Stories – Hannah Sutton: A Still Life

Hannah Sutton hails from country Victoria, Australia and is currently undergoing studies in the old 19th century tools and techniques of painting at the Florence Academy of Art.  In this episode we discuss Hannah’s pursuit of her dream, the art of patience, living in Italy during the Covid-19 pandemic and what it means to ‘check your values’.


In this episode of The Right Remark Podcast, I talk to the exceptionally talented Hannah Sutton.

Hannah Sutton is an Australian painter undergoing studies in classical realism at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy.

She works from life, primarily in oil paint or charcoal, in order to celebrate the intricate beauty of the human form and to faithfully capture, as the old European masters of the 19th century once did, moments and stories of the human condition.

Her latest collection, titled “A Still Life: The Art of Patience” was created during her studies at the Florence Academy of Art and while living in Italy during 2020.

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Hannah working on a figurative painting from life at Florence Academy School of Art