Episode 4 - Getting comfortable on camera

Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand

And what your personal brand says about you can make or break how you attract customers, and connect with others.

In this episode we’re talking to Prue Aja, who is a photographer who has a special magic touch for bringing people’s personal brand to life through the camera.

Prue’s going to tell us a bit about how she helps people shine, and some practical tips on how you can ensure you get photos that really represent who you are to the world.

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About Prue Aja

Prue Aja is one of Australia’s most in-demand portrait photographers and for the past decade, she has helped impact-driven women and high profile entrepreneurs visually bring their personal brand to life.


Her official foray into the world of fashion and photography started as a stylist partnering with brands such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue in the UK.

Today, she is sought after around Australia for her innate ability to connect and capture the essence of an individual through imagery. She has been profiled in the media and many of the images she’s taken of clients have landed in well-known publications.

Prue’s passion for visual storytelling is equal to her desire to help women celebrate themselves and elevate their visibility.

Prue’s Tips for Nailing your personal branding photography

  1. Invest in a Personal Branding Photographer

It pays to get a professional to take your photographs – your personal brand is a massive part of your whole image online and it’s worth choosing someone who can really help you feel comfortable and present you in the best possible photograph.

  1. Go for the light:

When taking your photographs you want to get nice and close to natural light. Instead of standing with a window behind you inside, get outside and have the light behind the camera for natural shots that highlight your best features

  1. Choose classic, tailored pieces for photo shoot day

Choose classic and tailored pieces for your photo shoot – styling for a photoshoot doesn’t need to be hard.  Wear classic pieces and flattering shapes.Example – if you have large breasts don’t choose a high neck top that is going to make you look bigger. Don’t choose oversized shirts – you’re better to choose something structured that shows your shape. If you choose loose and flowing, make sure it’s something silk or something that drapes nicely.

  1. Think about your colour choice

Start with a base – think your black, whites and neutrals. You can’t go past a nice white shirt and a nice pair of jeans, or a tailored jacket if it’s a bit more formal.  Roll up the shirt and a great pair of earrings – add in colours that work with your skin tone, your hair colour and align with your branding. Check out celebrities on Pinterest who have similar colours and skin tone to you for ideas. Avoid stripes and patterns as these tend to flare on camera, and consider how you might like to use or wear a colour that aligns with your brand – choosing colour in your wardrobe can become a big part of your personal brand so have fun with it!

It also pays to consider the seasons when dressing – leveraging the colours of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring can also be a really nice way to bring colour into your personal branding images.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!  If you’re planning to have a photo shoot whether DIY or with a photographer, make sure you get a really good night sleep the evening before, and in the days leading up to it.  The camera doesn’t lie and all the make up in the world won’t hide exhaustion.  Having a good night’s sleep will also ensure you’re rested, calm and ready to put your very best forward.

  1. Meditate & Set Your Intentions

On the day of your shoot take the time to do a meditation in the morning and set your intentions for the day ahead.  Use positive affirmations to cement how you want to look and feel, and really put a positive positioning out as you are driving to your photo shoot.  Verbalise and get yourself excited.

  1. Don’t learn poses – you’re not a model

It’s the job of the photographer to help you move and feel comfortable to get you looking great in front of the camera.  Holding the camera 45 degrees above your face and pouting is not the way to go.  People can see straight through it – you want it to be as real as possible.

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