Episode 5 - Unlocking the calling to create - Why you're never too old to follow your dreams

Ever thought you were too old / too inexperienced / too [whatever] to pursue your passion?

If you’ve ever been scared to go follow your dreams or put yourself out there – this episode is for you. Daisy Hill, a talented Aboriginal Indigenous Artist shares an inspiring story of how she discovered her artistic skills at 34 years old.

We discuss what it takes to be successful, how to deal with what others think and why you should always say YES!

We’ve all heard many stories of people who hide their secret talents or don’t really go after what they truly want in life until much later in life.

Vera Wang worked as a figure skater and fashion editor for many years before deciding after her wedding in 1989, at the age of 40 that she wanted to be a designer.

Samuel Jackson was 46 years old and recovering from cocaine and heroin addiction before he starred alongside John Travolta in Pulp Fiction and his acting career exploded.

JK Rowling first conceived the idea of Harry Potter on a train but the first book in the series was not published until she was 32.

Today’s guest has had a similar experience of discovering her calling at the age of 34.

A proud descendent of the Murawarri people, Daisy followed her passion and made the switch from retail to an artist, and it certainly paid off! Her work has sparked the interest of thousands and just gives us all hope that maybe it’s never too late to take the plunge.

In this episode, Daisy discusses her creative process, how she jumped ship and how when your work is passion, there’s always time and energy for it.

Her biggest piece of advice? Say YES. Even when you’re in doubt and the voices in your head are making you question yourself, say yes. When you say yes, you’re opening yourself up to the limitless possibilities if everything goes well, and if it doesn’t? you’ll learn a lesson that you can cherish.

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