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Episode 3 - Storytelling & Bravery with Tina Bruce

Most writers take years and years to get a book written and out into the world. Imagine doing the process in just 6 months!

In this episode, we’re exploring the topic of bravery – what happens when you’re called to write about something really personal?  How do you actually do it?

I talk to Tina Bruce who poured her heart and soul onto paper via a memoir – and produced a book in just six months!

Tina and I initially met through a mutual friend and then quickly I started working with Tina to help her birth her first book last year.

Tina Bruce is an Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Medical Intuitive and Retreat Leader.

Tina became a mother to two children in the space of one year. Her entry into motherhood was marked by a quick return to work, followed by burnout, shingles and the development of an opioid addiction to manage the subsequent Post Herpetic Neuralgia (a chronic pain condition).

Her first book, “Mother’s Medicine: The Birth of My Intuition” is a memoir about this experience.

Tina now uses her own experience to assist other mothers to uncover and release subconscious fears that drain their energy and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

She regularly hosts intimate Yin yoga classes and spiritual retreats and offers private one on one coaching as an intuitive guide.

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